Homeschool Violin and Viola Classes via Skype

I get it – I’m a homeschool mom too. We want to do everything we can for our kids, but when we’re footing the bill, things add up quickly. When it comes down to it, sometimes the cost of private lessons is just too high for our budget.

Here’s an affordable option: Live, online via Skype. You’ll get great quality lessons, at a lower price.

Maybe you’ve tried save money and let them learn violin via YouTube – how did that work? Usually, without a teacher really bad habits become set, because there isn’t someone watching and guiding you to proper positioning and playing. Things that seem small, like a bent wrist, poor bow-hold, and bad posture will prevent students from developing a great sound, make more advanced techniques much more difficult than they should be – and can actually cause damage over the long run.

Why not start with someone guiding you the right way?

Here’s how it works:

First, we will set up a free assessment lesson – where we’ll connect to learn two things: First, where are you in your violin journey? I want to place you in the appropriate class. Second, does your internet connection support Skype? Some families do not have a broadband connection that will support Skype’s video, so rather than pay for something that won’t work, let’s find out first.

Using Skype’s group call function, I’ll call at the appointment time (don’t worry if you’re a little late, I’ll try again in a minute), adding all the registered students to the call. You will need to have your instrument tuned and music ready to go.

Each class tops out at 5 families. This way, everyone will have a chance to not only get instruction, but also be heard. The biggest challenge in group classes is to give the quality of instruction that students deserve, so I’m limiting each class to 5 families, for a total of 10 students.

Multiple levels available. As a beginner, taking an advanced class is pointless, and as an advancing student, a beginning class really doesn’t do the job. That’s why I’m scheduling a classes of different levels.

Weekly classes. Each week, you or your child will have a 45-minute class. You are welcome to sit with him or her and listen in, but unless you’re also a student, please limit your interaction to helping your son or daughter understand.

Super-affordable. Ready for this? $40 per month for four(4) 45-minute classes, per family up to 2 students. Have more kids interested than two?  Email me for more information.

Here’s what’s available:


  • Beginner violin/viola: 4pm Pacific – 6pm Central – 7pm Eastern
  • Intermediate violin: 5pm Pacific – 7pm Central – 8pm Eastern
  • Intermediate viola: 6pm Pacific – 8pm Central – 9pm Eastern


  • Beginner violin/viola: 9am Pacific – 11am Central – 12pm Eastern
  • Intermediate viola: 10am Pacific – 12pm Central – 1pm Eastern


  • Beginner violin/viola: 8am Pacific – 10am Central – 11am Eastern
  • Intermediate violin: 9am Pacific – 11am Central – 12pm Eastern

When can I join?

Any time. These are ongoing classes – to help you get up to speed and ready to jump in, we’ll to schedule a time before your first class to make sure you’re ready for it. When you’re ready to move up a level, we’ll discuss that too.

What to expect in a group class

First – Review of what we covered the previous week, and answer questions. For more complicated questions, I’ll answer them in-depth in a separate video or blog that only students can access.

Second – We continue where we left off, adding skills and knowledge as we go. I’ll demonstrate anything new or difficult, because sometimes that’s a better way than just explaining. Let’s face it – sometimes a written blog or verbal instruction is not as effective as being shown.

Third – Homework for the week gets assigned, and a quick question and answer session.

Questions? Email me.

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