Inspiring Schools to Add Music Instruction

I had the pleasure of meeting the mom of a new student yesterday, she is passionate about music and its benefits. We had a fantastic conversation about music in school, and how her son’s school only gives the strings players 30 minutes of instruction per week.

Obviously, I was flabbergasted! Many of you know that I play viola and violin along with the soprano and alto recorders. When I hear the stories about how music programs have been gutted in schools, it is heartbreaking for me. I started the kindergarten and first grade music program at our local school, an those were some of the most rewarding years in my teaching. I told her how had written a book on teaching your kids music, and how that 12 week course is modeled after what I did in public school. I told her that I firmly believe that when they really start to see the benefits of what music can do, they find the money in fundraisers. In short, I would be MORE than happy to help organize and get it started, even help teach them how to run the program.

Has your school gutted music? Contact me, I would love to help.

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