Violin & Viola Lessons

A typical lesson consists of checking student’s progress, addressing any immediate issues and working on skill building.

OK, so those are the basics, but what happens is so much more. One student may have trouble hitting a C#, so we’ll work on those. Another may be very tense so we’ll spend some time helping them relax. Maybe they play too timidly and need a confidence boost.

The beauty of private lessons is the ability to truly customize everything to suit the student’s needs.

My goal is to help students get well on their way to a lifetime love of learning and making music.

In 3-6 months after beginning on their instrument, they should be:

  • Reading music consistently at a level appropriate to their progress.
  • Developing an understanding of rhythm and meter.
  • Placing their fingers properly, and reliably for the most part.
  • Developing correct posture and holding their instrument and bow in a relaxed manner that suits their body type, and facilitates the freedom of movement required for great music.

Over the years, I have developed a verbal and visual approach to teaching that works very well for most students, but especially for online lessons.


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