A New Year, and a New Violin!

Carlie has been a student for a little over a year, and is one of those kids who does her work and sees the benefits of that work. She makes my job easy. Really. Easy.

Her family, like many others, rented her first violin to see how she would like it. In fact, it’s something that I strongly recommend. She fell in love with the violin, and they started looking for one of her very own.

Here’s the message that her mom sent along with the photo:

A happy camper with her brand new violin😊 Her first non rental one! Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. It’s one of the reasons she loves playing💙

Things like this make my year. I know that what I do with for my students matters, but it feels great to find a wonderful surprise like this in your messages.

I love working with Carlie, and look forward to seeing her grow in music even more in the coming years!

Congrats on your new violin!

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