Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. From learning about the recorder when I was three, to French horn, piano, and now violin and viola.

After high school, I took a break to raise my eldest son and daughter, but when our twins began to show an interest, I jumped right back into music head first!

Many hours of study, lessons, and practice later, I am a better musician now than I have ever been; and, thanks to not playing consistently for a few years, I also have a valuable perspective in having to relearn everything I could once do with ease.

Community orchestras, weddings, entertainment gigs, and quartets have made up the bulk of my playing over the last 10 years. Some of my favorite time was spent with Equinox Quartet, and working with the children of East County Youth Symphony.

We’re now in Fort Worth, Texas, and I’ve found a new musical home – the Fort Worth Civic Orchestra.

I work with all ages from 5 to 65; but it’s in working with young children that I really shine as a teacher.

There’s something about the way they approach things – pure curiosity with no doubt that they can learn it – that keeps me coming back, and fuels my love of teaching. My goal for every student is to form a strong understanding of music theory, technical know-how, and musicianship – and seek out new learning opportunities.

I work with each student to tailor a program specifically for their needs, from working through simple bowing mechanics to the psychology of performance.

Each student is unique, with different challenges to overcome, and using a one-size fits all approach does not work.

I like being available to my students for questions, whenever they may need to ask them. I believe that you shouldn’t have to wait for the next lesson to have a question answered; the answer to question may be just what’s needed make the pieces start coming together.

You’re never too old to enjoy learning music – you only have to allow yourself to be a beginner again!


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