An Important Question – and an Opportunity

Ok music lovers, I have a question:

My original vision for the book was for it to be spiral bound so it will lay flat when it is open. This is because music books that I have to bend the spine back and forth in order to keep it open make me crazy because it destroys the book over time. Unfortunately it is more expensive, and with going through a print on demand service, I cannot put an ID(ISBN) number on it to make it available for bookstores to also stock. I want as much access as possible.

But I thought it would be good if I offered it as a “special edition”, only through my website and as part of the package you would receive a copy of the eBook, and the opportunity to have a 30 minute Skype music coaching session where I answer your questions. There is no time limit on the Skype session, it is open to either now or 3 months from now. I understand that sometimes the questions don’t come up until you are knee-deep in wooly boogers(as my mom would say).

I would charge $25 for this, the book’s approximate retail in this print format would be $18 including shipping to the US, and the eBook will run about $2.99, so you are really getting a deal on the whole package.

You would also be able to have the book in your hands sooner than waiting for amazon to print and ship. My planned publication date is August 15th, but I would offer it a little ahead of that so you would have the book in your hands and on your Kindle/Nook on the day it is first available.

The regular print version will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 or so plus whatever Amazon charges for shipping, and will not come with the eBook or Skype coaching session – so this is a significant price increase and that is why I am offering a choice.

Give me some feedback on this idea!