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But Music is Hard!

Rarely is anything worth doing easy. Music in its simplest forms is not complicated, but does take a little bit of work to grasp. You can do this! Almost four years ago, I felt the same – could I teach anything, let alone music to a bunch of 4-5 year old kids. Turns out I could, and so could they. The biggest hurdle you’ll ever have to leap is your own fear. Once you master that, you really have the world at your fingertips!

I don’t know how to play a single instrument, and written music looks like hieroglyphs to me. How can I teach my kids something I don’t understand myself?

You’ll learn to understand – it is very much like learning another language, but I think it’s much easier. Here’s an excerpt from my book, How to teach your kids music in 12 weeks.

Teach your child music in 12 weeks excerpt

I explain everything just as clearly as I can, to help parents understand how everything works. I like to use language that’s very visual in nature, it helps readers see in their minds’ eye what needs to be done before they try to do it.

What’s stopping you from trying?


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