End on a High Note!

When you first start teaching your kids, often you can be so excited about something new that you forget that it’s hard right for them right now. This is when learning music can go from bad to worse to never playing again.

To keep that from happening, when you see that your kids are feeling a little overwhelmed, stop and go back to something easy and be done with the lesson for the day. Yup, you read that right. Quit for the day.

Here’s what happens:

We teach a music lesson and it is unusually difficult for whatever reason. But instead of taking a break, we as parents want to muscle through it. Children don’t always understand that, and get frustrated. The more frustrated they get, the less they are listening and the less they want to play. If you end the lesson right there, you’ll have a hard time inspiring them to come back tomorrow.

Instead say something like this, “Johnny we’re going to do this easy thing over here and take a break. We’ll try again later or tomorrow.”

Then Johnny gets to go back to something he knows and can feel good about. His brain remembers the good feeling and it’s just a little easier to come back to music the next day. This is something you can apply to all subjects, but I find it very important in music. They feel like music should be fun, and when it’s nothing but hard it’s not very fun and children just don’t want to do it.

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