Getting Started

Getting your child started with music is easier (and more important) than you might realize, for several reasons:


  1. We are wired from birth for music. That’s right, you read it right – hard wired. Think about it, we learn to talk by listening to the sound patterns our parents make, then copying those patterns in pitch, rhythm and inflection. Is music so different?
  2. For thousands of years, our ancestors taught family/tribal knowledge by passing it through songs and poems. As far as we have come, we aren’t that different genetically. We remember information more accurately and for a longer period of time when it is learned in a musical manner.
  3. Music is social, which means that it should be part of a group experience. Playing an instrument or singing as part of an ensemble help develop teamwork and collaborative skills that are vital to survival in our society.
  4. Music is fun and since everyone seems to have a song in their heart, they should be given the tools to express it!
  5. Musical education makes better citizens. Studies show that kids involved in a music program are less likely to get into trouble, and more likely to be good citizens.
  6. Music makes you smarter. Kids who study music develop pathways in their brains, between both hemispheres that help them process information more quickly and come up with more creative solutions to problems. Kids in schools with strong music programs have up to 20% higher test scores and fewer disciplinary problems.