Having trouble with music?

You’re not alone! Music has become a subject that gives most people pause before they dive into a study of it. Parents are notoriously nervous about trying to do anything themselves for fear of “messing it all up”. The truth is that music is a beautiful, complicated and expressive language, but we don’t learn it all at once. Yes, we tend to look at higher performing and very well trained musicians as our reason for saying, “We are not worthy”, but those people have spent their lives studying and practicing to achieve such high levels of success.

We as adults have a habit of not allowing ourselves to be beginners. Sound silly? Bear with me. We have spent time, countless hours, over the course of our lives working at various tasks and studies to become experts with them. Some of us even decide to learn a musical instrument, when we never had the chance to as children.

I love to see adults who are willing to be beginners! It’s difficult, and it’s humbling to say the least! We have become so proud of our accomplishments that “starting in square one” in an area is hard on the ego.

The next time you get stuck in something you’re learning, remind yourself that it’s ok to be a beginner! You may just find that it opens your mind up to learning all sorts of new things!