I never thought I was creative!

Oh, but you are!

People are really amazing – you can think that you are not creative all you want, but you would limiting yourself. Expand your definition of creative beyond just visual art, and look at how you solve problems. We use all sorts of methods for solving problems and they aren’t all the same. This is the beauty of humanity: we are all unique individuals, capable of finding new and creative ways to answer questions. Here are just a few ways we are creative, outside of visual arts:

  • When an engineer creates a new machine, aren’t they thinking creatively?
  • When Mom finds a new way to communicate with their kids, are they following a prescribed format?
  • When a corporate CEO leads the company to new heights of productivity, did they do the same things everyone else has did before?
  • When a teacher finally gets through to a student and gets them excited about learning, didn’t they think creatively?

You see, music can help in all these areas. It connects both sides of the brain, allowing a stronger flow of thought processes and patterns. The new pathways built during the study of music increases our IQ, and our ability to think creatively.

Through music, all things are possible!

A musician is an artist, one who uses sound instead of visible color and light. Music is yet one more way for us to express ourselves! Won’t you take this journey with me?