Learn Music With Your Kids!

Yes, it can be done! Using my methods and exercises, you’ll be able to play the recorder with your kids, and even learn to read music. This started several years ago, when our twins were enrolled in a Pre-K program at the elementary school they attend. Their wonderful teacher knew I had played music through high school, and still occasionally picked up my viola – and asked if I could help with something for this group of 5 year olds. Since I hadn’t learned how to say “No” to people yet – I said, “Of course!”

I’ve always felt strongly about music as part of a well-rounded education, without it, the schools have seen marked increases in behavior problems, and decreases in standardized test scores. Why, with all that we know about what music does for you, would we think that removing it would be a good idea? It’s a stupid idea, but it is what it is. Now, YOU can learn music with your kids and have fun doing it.

Using the soprano recorder, a simple, humble instrument that dates back to the 1400s, you’ll improve your dexterity, learn to recognize the notes and know whether you’re doing it right, and learn to play wonderful music! Like the song, Scarborough Fair? You can learn it! You will learn the basics like, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Hot Cross Buns, so that you can eventually learn more complicated songs that will push you and your little one to musical fun.

Stay tuned as I add my exercises and tips that you’ll be able to use to learn to make music!