Learn to Read Music!

I know, music has become this big “mystery language” that has people thinking that they can’t possibly learn without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on private lessons. But nothing can be further from the truth!

Learning to read music is as easy as A, B, C, because you see, music uses some of the letters in the alphabet. Even if you’ve never read music before, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard someone talk about that darn C-sharp that just gives them trouble. The first thing you need to know about music, is that it only uses the first seven letters of the alphabet, then recycles from there!

The group of lines the notes are placed on is called the staff. There are five lines, and in between those are four spaces. Each note has a “home” on the staff, whether it’s on a line or in a space. Take a look below, you can even spell the word “face” with the notes in the spaces!

Many people use mnemonics to remember which goes where, and they work like a charm if you practice! See what silly sentence you can make up to remember the notes on the lines.