Let Yourself be a Beginner!

The single biggest obstacle to parents who are considering music for their kids is often not money. There are multiple avenues to introducing children to music, so that really isn’t a reason. It’s typically fear of looking like a beginner, because they don’t know anything about music.

music-aureliusFor some reason we feel that because we’re adults, we should be able to do anything, skipping the necessary “beginner” phase. We are almost neurotic about it! Everybody knows that since one person can’t possibly know everything, there logically will be things they do not know. So why is it that being a beginner is so difficult for us?

I leave you to chew on that for a while, because I don’t have any answers to that question! But what I can offer, is a program that will give you and your family a great deal of joy and feeling of triumph when you learn music together. Music is a social thing, it is no fun playing by yourself, so learning in groups is naturally more fun. Why not make that group one that you love dearly and while you’re at it, use the tips and tricks in the book to help you become your kids favorite music teacher!

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