Music Therapy Important for Kids with Language Impairments?

You know, it just doesn’t cease to amaze me how many benefits music has. But there’s just one more study showing that it improves the ability to segment speech. This is the ability to identify and separate the sounds and syllables of the words in a language, and to pull those sounds out of a continuous speech. Without this ability, kids are far more likely to have difficulty reading and writing.

In a recent study that showed musicians having a stronger ability to discern speech patterns in a new language, and better math abilities, it got the researchers wondering: Is there a similar correlation between music training and kids with learning disabilities?

Well they took a group of 8 year old kids with no musical background at all and split them into three groups. The first group was the control, they received no additional training. The second received music training and the third received painting and art classes.

So after two years of painting, for one group and two years of music for another, the difference was striking:

Music training was shown to improve children’s speech segmentation abilities while children in the painting group did not exhibit improved abilities. “


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