~ The Ultimate Teach Your Kids Music Kit ~

A special available ONLY here through the website! I know how daunting it can be to decide Angel One Piece Recorderwhich recorder to buy, so I’ve made it easy for those of you who order through my website.

The Complete Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks kit! 

The best part? When you learn together with your children, a love for music spreads through the home and brings joy everywhere you go! You can start as early as four years old, just take it slow. You have control over how fast or slow you move through Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks. No matter where you are in 12 weeks, you’ll have learned a lot about music!

Read the reviews, and get YOUR copy today!
Read the reviews, and get YOUR copy today!

The Ultimate Kit has everything you’ll need to get started: A copy of the book, cd version of the download kit with audio and printable music and activities, and the number of quality one piece student recorders, you need. Just select the appropriate number of recorders in the drop-down below.

How many recorders in your kit?

Already have your own recorders, and only need the book and CD?

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