Paint a picture on the silence

If dark is the absence of light, and cold the absence of heat, then silence is the absence of sound. Instead of filling the silence with chatter or the television or one of the myriad of ways we spend our time, fill the silence with music. You might think that musicians abhor silence, but nothing could be further from the truth! We just like to fill it with beauty, and joyful sound!


The notes and rests in music are sounds and silence. Is one more important than the other, or more beautiful? Without the silence, would we be able to appreciate the sounds?

Everything in life is a balance between light and dark, heat and cold, sound and silence, pleasure and pain. Hopefully we have lots of the good stuff in life, and enough of the other things to help us really appreciate what we have.

Are you painting pictures on silence? If not, get your instruments out and start today!

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