Podcast Anyone?

My husband recently pointed out to me, that I need to do a podcast. He says I seem to have all these little stories about music and the people that make it fun. A podcast would also make it easy for my readers to keep up with things, and help keep them motivated in teaching their kids music.

So a podcast is in the works! I’ll be working out the first few episodes during the next few weeks, and plan to have the first one finished in the early part of November. I haven’t decided on those topics yet, so feel free to make suggestions and ask questions! I think this will be a great way to help you stay on track with your music goals, and you know that probably aren’t the first or the last to ask those burning questions! This means that you can help other readers and listeners simply by asking questions. I love to help others out, and figure you probably do too.

Take advantage of the comments section below here, and ask away. I can’t wait to get started!