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From Shannon:

I have to start out by saying…I can’t wait until school starts so I can use this book with my kids! I really think this is going to bring an element of music class into this musically challenged mom’s homeschool day:). I loved the way it was made approachable for someone that has little musical background. The techniques that are suggested made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of that or at least heard of it before.

I think kids have a natural ear for music and I know my two have enjoyed music even before they came into this world, my problem was how do I on a budget expose them to more than just recordings of it. I think with the help of this book, we may have solved that problem:). Thank you so much for the opportunity to read it, I truly appreciate the time you put into it and your generosity in sharing it. I can’t wait to recommend it to friends who are in the same predicament I was.”

From Robert:


Read the reviews, and get YOUR copy today!
Read the reviews, and get YOUR copy today!

This has been written by a dedicated music teacher who has found, contrary to popular opinion, that kids at kindergarten level CAN be taught music.
Her system breaks the teaching into 15 to 20 minute blocks of time which could happen three or four times per week. She concentrates her lessons on the Recorder which go back to the 14th century, and of course that choice is the cheapest way to go for a musical instrument. Pick one up for a few bucks, and if your child shows some aptitude, you can progress to anything else in the next few years.
What is a sure thing about this way of teaching children is the pleasure and excitement that they will get from producing music using this method.
There is a list of resource suppliers, and her own website which I found to be of great value.

As a self-taught Clarinet player I highly recommend this book to the parents of really little kids, and yes, the bigger ones too!”

Reviews from Amazon Customers:

From GrtBran:

I have no musical background what-so-ever and I am learning how to read music and play the recorder while teaching it to my nearly 5 year old. (My 3 year old is even picking up a few things while he “plays” along with us). We’ve already learned how to play Hot Cross Buns!

So far we’ve been playing three times a week and are really picking it up quickly. The book is easy for beginners like me to follow and gives you great tips on how to teach your little one. The author reminds us to make it fun, and at critical points when I’m getting too serious! Her suggestions for things to tell the kids and ways to make it easy for them have worked every time.

Definitely recommend this book to anyone who want to give their kids a start in music.”

From Christi:

I am an artist and understand how important it is for children to have art in their lives. Unfortunately I am no musician, but with Gail’s amazing talent, and friendly approach to the skill, my son, who is musically talented, has been able to live out his love of music. I totally admire her love of music and respect the way she has brightened so many kiddies lives with her art. This is a spectacular book .”


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