Rhythm Makes the World Go Round

Rhythm is the heart of anything having to do with sound.

Language, music – they have more similarities than you may realize. When we’re babies, our parents said things to us sing-song; whether they had a singing voice or not! Our language has rhythm, patterns, inflection and rules for writing, speaking and reading it.

Music is the same.

Music, in all its forms, has rhythms, patterns, inflection(although we call it expression), just like language. What you may not have put together yet, is the fact that it also has rules for writing, reading and playing or singing it. Is it such a surprise then, when a person who has a lifetime of musical education that involves theory and practice, has a vocabulary and ability discern sounds that outstrips someone who doesn’t?

Truth is, it doesn’t require a lifetime of experience with music, just a consistent study of rhythm and pitch through singing

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