Start a Music Program at YOUR School!

Sound crazy? There’s no money, let’s see – what other problems are there – you don’t know how to teach? I had no idea how to teach when I started, I figured it out as I went along! The good news is that I have a plan for you, and all you have to do is follow it to success.

I did it, and I know that you can too. It takes a few things:

  1. Passion for music
  2. A dedicated group of parents/teachers
  3. A willing administration

The first part is obvious – passion for music.

If you are luke-warm about music and the importance of it for developing kindergarten and first grade students, then you are likely to have trouble generating any interest in starting a program.  You have to be willing to volunteer hours of your time and energy in starting and maintaining the program. This is so easy when you are passionate!! The time flies by and you wonder how you were able to accomplish so much.

The second part is vital. Without parents who are supportive and teachers who are willing to give up at least 30 minutes of instruction time per week, your program is doomed.

I could not have accomplished what I have at Lakeview without that amazing, dedicated, supportive team of parents and teachers. They bend over backwards to help me maintain a regular schedule with the children. Because of their dedication and flexibility, I am able to visit each class twice a week more often than not. Sometimes holidays just interfere – it is what it is and you do your best.

The third part is equally important, if the administration isn’t at least willing to allow it, there is no hope. If you can convince them that it’s worth the effort, then you can prove to them that more is also worth the effort. My program inspired the school to add piano for 2nd and 3rd grade. I believe that what I have done opened the door to that possibility because the principal did not want to have all their music experience go to waste by having nothing for them.

Ready to get started? Contact me for details on how to set up a program, and I offer bulk discounts on book purchases if you have a group ready to undertake this worthy cause.


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