The Ear Training Game

If you have been teaching music to your kids, and you keep finding that they just don’t quite hear when a note is right or wrong, try this. Or really, try this anyway!

You’ll need your recorders and a good sense of humor.

Turn your back on your kids and hide which note you are about to play. If they see your fingers, the jig is up and you’ll have to start over. You could also take turns blindfolding each other.

The piper hides or covers the eyes of the others and plays a note. Any note they would like!

The others playing get to guess which note has been played, just wait and see how fast your kids can learn to identify which note is which!

Simple games like this will help your kids develop their musical ear, and sense of pitch. Try it, make up your own, and play! Play is such an important part of a child’s development, they learn best this way, so have fun with music!