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Theory Time Workbook Series

I stumbled upon this series on, and on a whim added it to my wishlist to be looked at later. Well, I happened to get a copy of this for Christmas this year, and boy am I glad I did! It’s well structured and easy to follow with a bit of guidance from a knowledgeable adult. Our twins have really enjoyed the activities, and always seem to want to do just a little more than I ask of them, which speaks volumes about the book’s interest level for them.

I read through the book and by the time I was at the end, I knew that I wanted to have it in the hands of every one of my students. It’s that good. I’m not easy to please on things like this, because they are either too juvenile for the age to which they’re marketed or so full of advanced concepts that the kids eyeballs start swimming and they lose interest.

It’s a fantastic supplement to your kids’ music study, and with levels starting with Primer through Grade 7, I’m sure something will be right for your music student. No matter which instrument your child is learning, this series will give them a strong foundation in theory that will take them through any instrument they decide to play.

Take a look at the workbook series, it’s on amazon and you can get there with my affiliate link.


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