Effective July 1, 2019

Regular attendance at violin and viola lessons is the responsibility of students and parents. My policies are representative of my desire to help students maintain consistency in lesson attendance, in order to help students make progress with a difficult instrument.

Students should arrive on time or a minute or two early, be prepared and have their instrument(s), all required books and/or music.

For Skype, students should have their instrument tuned, music ready, and call in on-time for their lesson.


Tuition is based on a calendar month, but the first month of lessons is pro-rated if you start partway through a month. This is the only time tuition is pro-rated. There are no refunds or lesson credits, even if you decide to stop taking lessons partway through a month.

There are up to four (4) months each year where a 5th lesson day occurs, I include these lessons at no additional charge as a convenience.

Full information on tuition cost, payment methods, and late fees is available here: https://gailsmusic4kids.com/violin-viola-lessons/pricing/


I offer make up lessons where available, but cannot promise it.

However, I make every attempt to make up lessons if I must be absent, and that absence causes me to offer fewer than four (4) lessons to be offered in the calendar month in which the absence occurred.

If you (or your child) are ill, please consider the following when deciding whether to attend a lesson (or send your child): It is difficult to think straight, and the lesson time is usually not productive, and can be downright frustrating for the student.


If a student must miss a month or more, I will open that lesson time for another student unless the lesson time has been paid for in advance (at a discounted rate) to reserve the space.


Your attendance at violin/viola lessons constitutes acceptance of these terms. If you have any questions or concerns about my lessons or policies, please don’t hesitate to contact me.