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Skype is a fantastic solution for busy people. From the comfort of your own home, you can learn the violin, viola, or both! If you have more than one child interested, the 60-minute lesson is a great way to get lot of value for your money.

These lessons are either 30 or 60 minutes and we’ll cover everything we would in person, but without the hassle of travel. Lesson fees are due at the beginning of each month, and you can set up an automatic payment so that you never have to think about it. It’s a flat fee – read my lesson policy for more information.

  • 30 minute lesson: $85 per month
  • 60 minute lesson: $160 per month
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Are Skype lessons effective?

Yes! I use method books and music that either includes a play-along, or record it myself and share a download link with you. We can even record full lesson sessions. I’ve developed a flexible teaching style that adapts to what the student needs and my students all progress at a steady rate that’s appropriate to their age and experience. I’ve found that while in-studio lessons are simply the best because of the human need to play along with someone, live online lessons are just as effective when you’ve got a teacher who can verbally explain things.

Are you (or your child) a good candidate for Skype lessons?

I find that the best candidates for Skype lessons tend towards having at least 1-2 of these characteristics:

  1. Cannot/do not wish to travel to lessons
  2. Visual or Audio learner – do you learn by watching and listening, then trying it yourself? Can you follow verbal directions, or can you help your child understand them?
  3. Self-motivated – there’s nothing more uncomfortable than having your teacher ask if you’ve practiced, and sheepishly admitting that you haven’t. This is true for online AND in-studio lessons.
  4. A great family support system – For children, can a parent/sibling help during the first few lessons? Can you help move fingers if needed? For children, the hardest thing is managing the finger-movement and bow-hold. Because I specialize in teaching children, I’ve seen the challenges they face. Their hands and fingers aren’t as strong or dexterous as that of a teen or adult, so sometimes physical movement of their fingers is a necessity to get them in proper position, especially in the beginning. After they’re up and running, you probably won’t need to help quite as much, but they’ll still probably want you around. 😉

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